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Hey this is Mario and on behalf of Oliver and the entire team, welcome to Videlligence!

You now own the 1st ever artificial intelligence software for copy & paste video ad creation.

Make top-converting videos FAST with this software that combines breakthrough technology with a simple-to-use template system.

We all know that video ads have the highest click-through-rate of any form of digital advertising. You’re about to see the benefits for yourself.

But one thing is more true today than EVER before in digital marketing:

Consumers Become “Ad Blind” REALLY Fast

Consider the facts taken from this steehouse.com blog post from March 2017:

Banner Blindness Is The Enemy

Banner blindness is the phenomenon where users will unknowingly ignore your ads. Users will tire of seeing the same ad over and over, thus limiting its effectiveness and dropping your performance

Banner Blindness Is The Enemy

You need a winning combination of consistently fresh ads and beautiful creative. This will lead to immediate jumps in performance. Steelhouse data shows that a creative refresh on Facebook... can result in a CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) up to 50% lower

Keep It Consistently Fresh To Remain Relevant

Refreshing your ad helps its relevance score… the better the relevance score, the more your ad will be served. A creative refresh can result in a 4X increase in your relevance score.

Experts Agree: VARIETY Is The Spark Behind Ongoing Profits

Videlligence will help build your profits, but you’re going to need variety.This will get you even better & faster results, AND create multiple income streams.

That’s why we’re introducing the Videlligence Platinum Experience. So you’ll have a constant supply of new & top converting templates for your marketing messages and video service business.

Videlligence Platinum is your solution to income-proofing your business.

Ad blindness & competition will NEVER be a concern for you, ever again. A monthly supply of fresh, brand new templates & background audio tracks will ensure your marketing messages stand out and get maximum engagement.

Remember - freelancers regularly sell animated videos for between $400 and $2500 each. On the last page you saw the demand for these is virtually unlimited.

You can soon be making these kinds of profits yourself. And with brand new, proven templates delivered to you every month… Your income potential becomes truly unlimited!

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You Won’t Find Templates That Convert Like These Anywhere Else

Teams of top researchers & designers are behind every template we create.

Researchers study the latest trends, viral news, and competition across a massive range of niches to find out what’s working now.

They use the latest psychological triggers in the copy - then let our design team create STUNNING templates from their research.

The result? Dynamic, top-converting video templates that drive clicks, leads & sales while keeping your ad costs at rock bottom.

You get 30 of our best-performing templates each month… each internally tested to make sure they deliver better than anything else out there.

Every template works perfectly with Videlligence so customization is a breeze. Your offers, your calls-to-action… inside animated videos proven to convert.

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Messages that stand out are your ticket to consistent online profits.

You’ve seen that “banner blindness” is the enemy of all marketers.

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